16- Day Tour: Kharga – Dakhla – Abu Minqar – White Desert – Baharyya – Cairo

overview :

Get a distinguished package of tourist programs rich in events that will give you a unique experience in traveling and enjoying excursions, where you will get a large dose of pleasure during 16 consecutive days, accompanied by experienced and skilled tour guides who execute various languages.


  • Flight
  • Transfer from Kahrga airport
  • Full board
  • Guide
  • Permit in Siwa
  • Desert trip by 4*4 cars
  • Tipping
  • Beverage in the hotel
  • Hotel

Tour Plan

day 01

Flight from Cairo/Luxor to Kharga.

Our first step on our sightseeing tour in Kharga is the Museum.

Then we visit the Pharaonic Hibis Temple.

Near by we find Bagawat and make a walk through the cemetery: It is a Christian cemetery with chapels built between the 4th and 7th century. In the chapels we find wall- and ceiling paintings with Christian stories.

In the afternoon we see the fortress Mustapha Kashef and Nadura Temple.

Nadura Temple is located on the cross of the ancient way “Darb el Arbain” between Sudan and Cairo and the track from east to west.

We overnight in Labakha Camp or in hotel.

day 02

After breakfast we visit the Pottery school. There you can buy handmade pottery and carpets.

Then we leave Kharga and go to the Pharaonic Ghweita Temple. After lunch we enjoy the hot spring near there. Then we go back to visit Old Kharga.

We overnight in Labakha Camp or in hotel.

day 03

In the morning we go to Dabashyya. Here we visit the Roman Pigeon Tower, which is still in use until now. Near by we see the ruins of a Roman village.

Our next step is the area of Ain el Labakha with the Roman fortress, Temple and village.

Near there we make a stop on the Graphic Mountain.

In Labakha Camp we take our dinner and overnight in tents.

day 04

On old caravan track we go to Umm el Dabadib. There we take our lunch under very old acacia trees.  After the visit of the fortress and the old Roman village we camp in the dunes.

day 05

After breakfast we cross the end of the Muharrak Dunes in direction Dakhla Oasis.

There we visit the tomb of Balat and the Islamic village of Balat.

The afternoon we enjoy in a hot spring and in the dunes of Qalamun.

We spend the night in the hotel.

day 06

We make a sightseeing tour around Dakhla:

We make a walk through the Old Islamic village El Qasr.

Then we go to the tombs of Muzzawaqa and to the Roman Temple Deir el Hagar.

We overnight in the hotel.

day 07

In the morning we go to Abu Minqar and enjoy the day in the Great Sand Sea.

We spend the night in tents or outside under the stars.

Day 08 and 09

We go to the White Desert. Here we enter a very interesting magic world: hills have turned to mushrooms, tent, camel, chicken, …

We spend there 2 days and enjoy the quietness of the desert.

2 nights camping.

day 10

On our way to Baharyya Oasis we see the Crystal Mountain. We make a round tour through the Black Desert and a sightseeing tour in Baharyya.

We overnight in hotel.

day 11

On this day we go on our way to Siwa Oasis to Marsa Matruh and overnight there in hotel.

day 12

We continue to Siwa. In the afternoon we visit the ruins of Shaly, a fortress built from salt stone.

day 13

Sightseeing in Siwa:

First we go to Gebel el Dakrur to enjoy the view over whole Siwa Oasis. Then we visit Gebel el Mawta (Mountain of the death) with its tombs from the twenty-sixth Dynasty, the Ptolemaic and    the Roman periods.

After this we see the temple of the famous Oracle of Amun which once was visited also by Alexander the Great.

When we come to Bath of Cleopatra you have the chance to swim there like her in the past.

At sunset we spend our time at Fatnas, a small island in Birket Siwa.

day 14

In this day we make a desert tour through the Great Sand Sea to Bir Wahid.

day 15

On our way to Cairo we overnight in El Alamein.


day 16

Back to Cairo.



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